Interim Meeting in Paris

28-29 September 2023

Four photographs show the meeting of the LightCode project's partners in Paris. One shows the partners on a balcony. The second one shows them in front of the Université Paris Dauphine - PSL. The meetings of the Consortium were held there. The thrid photograph shows a meeting. The partners are sitting at tables, each infront of a laptop or phone. On the tables there is water and on one wall there is the projection of ones desktop. The fourth photograph shows the back of two people heading for a building with a multiple-story-tall transparent marking it as the Université Paris Dauphine - PSL. On the left side there is a small tree. The post itself shows the project’s logo as well as it’s name.

The LightCode Erasmus+ Project Interim Meeting hosted at the Université Paris Dauphine – PSL in the last days of September was extremely productive.

LightCode Partners had the opportunity to exchange their experience on their roles in the project; update their project development tasks; and define the further work follow-up with realistic deadlines.

It was a pleasure to observe the commitment of all partner-members involved, and to envisage the potential of the results that are about to come from our project!

The Consortium also reflected about the “Opportunities” that the project will bring to all its stakeholders: University Students, Teachers, Faculty Members, among others. This reflection was recorded and will be disseminated in due course.