Karmic Software Research

KarmicSoft is an innovation award-winning digital company, labeled FrechTech by French authorities, and a spin-off of the Paris Dauphine University. KarmicSoft provides tools, platforms, training and consulting for academia, public and private companies, around low-code solutions with a special focus on information traceability. KarmicSoft solutions, including MyDraft, let end-users build their prototypes and apps in minutes, with little or no technical skills, while automatically generating detailed living documentation including the emerging business model, and providing proof of compliance and consistency with evolving requirements. Short iterations encourage feedback and foster innovation.

KarmicSoft’s is proud to partner with research labs when it comes to implementing fully traceable multicriteria decision aid processes.

Meet the Team
in LightCode Project

Michel Zam, Ph.D, co-founder and Chief Science Officer, co-designed, co-developed the low-code platform MyDraft, and trained hundreds of learners with both private and public organizations using low-code. He published research papers and spoke at international events as SPLASH/OOPSLA, CTO Days, ICSOFT, BDA, Software Industrialization Conference, JIDL, or Decision Deck. He continues to advocate low-code solutions as an Associate Professor at Dauphine University, using a wide set of technologies, including low-code. Thus, he will offer both his technical knowledge and skills in the development of the LightCode platform due to his experience in KarmicSoft and in the techniques of teaching the low-code approaches and tools to students due to the relevant experience he has developed at Paris Dauphine University—PSL.

Tara Bogart, a mid-west native living in France, is an experienced and talented trainer and community manager with KarmicSoft, with consistent experience in international collaboration. She is an expert in producing and disseminating digital learning materials, including video lessons and co-designing lightning talks for European professional conferences, including DDD-Europe.