University of Zagreb

The University of Zagreb (UNIZG) is the flagship educational institution in Croatia with 31 faculties, 3 art academies, and various university centers and departments. UNIZG offers education programs in all scientific fields for more than 62,000 students and post-graduates. The University contributes also to over 50 percent to the annual research output of Croatia.

The Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB). participating in the project, was founded in 1920 and is the oldest institution of higher education in economics in this part of Europe. Currently, FEB is the leading and largest institution of higher education, teaching entrepreneurship, business, management, and economics in the region. It is the only university-level institution in Croatia that has been awarded both AACSB Business Accreditation and EQUIS Accreditation, which has positioned the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb among the top higher education institutions in economics and business globally. FEB employs around 260 research and teaching staff (among them more than 150 with Ph.D.) who specialize in different disciplines of social science, such as macro- and microeconomics, the economics of innovation, international economics, business management, marketing, finance, accounting, statistics, tourism, demography, etc. In addition to the teaching staff, there are around 120 non-teaching staff members assigned to Faculty’s professional services. The goal of the FEB is to train the next generations of the country’s business and economic leaders. The cooperation between FEB and the corporate sector based on education as well as scientific research and expertise is the strong link between institutions that generate new knowledge and search for new possibilities to share and distribute its knowledge.

The mission of FEB is to be committed to the research and education of highly qualified experts, who will successfully and responsibly respond to contemporary global business and social challenges, hence raising the quality of higher education and science in the national and regional environment. Its vision is to distinguish itself as the elite national higher education institution, with a recognizable image of a market-oriented and socially responsible organization that provides top-quality education and research.

Meet the Team
in LightCode Project

Zoran Wittine, Ph.D., is an associate professor at the International Economics Department, Faculty of Economics & Business. He was a researcher and project leader on various professional and scientific project related to the different domains of social entrepreneurship, innovation and business/process transformation. Due to the previous projects he has worked on, he has established strong connections with social enterprises and non-governmental organizations. Before joining the FEB, he was a consultant in McKinsey&Company where he established long-lasting connections with many company leaders.

Petar Sorić, PhD, is an Associate Professor at the Department of Statistics, FEB. He has been a project collaborator on several scientific projects, and is currently the Principal investigator of the Croatian Science Foundation (CSF) research project “Economic sentiment: statistical, political, behavioral, and media aspects of its influence on economic activity”. His academic publications have earned several awards, out of which the Croatian National Science Award in 2013 stands out. In addition, he was a researcher on various professional and scientific projects related to sustainability of Croatian tourism sector. In his teaching acivities, he has actively been involved in boosting students’ digital competences and programming skills, particularly through the (under)graduate courses “Time series analysis and forecasting” and “Statistical methods for management”.

Ana-Marija Stjepić, Ph.D., works as a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Informatics at the Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb, where she teaches several courses related to business informatics, data management, data warehousing, management of innovations, e-business, and digital transformation. She participated in different scientific projects in the fields of digital transformation and process and business intelligence for business performance.

Dalia Suša Vugec holds a Ph.D. in Business Economics and a Master’s degree in Managerial Informatics from the Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb where she works as a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Informatics. Dalia attended additional education at the School of Economics and Business, the University of Ljubljana, and at the University of Cambridge. She participated in several scientific projects and is the author and co-author of many publications.

Tamara Ćurlin, Ph.D. is a Teaching and Research Assistant at the Department of Informatics, Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb. Her main research interests are the application of information technologies in tourism, knowledge management, electronic business, Web metrics, and social media metrics. Tamara is the author and co-author of about twenty scientific papers. She participated in several national and international scientific projects.